Close Widgets

21 01 2008

While in Dashboard, instead of clicking a + button at the bottom left corner to get the X for closing a widget. All you have to do is mouse over the widget you want to close and at the same time hold the alt/option key and the X will appear. This trick works with Tiger as well as Leopard.


Empty Finder Window

14 01 2008

The quickest way to get to an empty desktop or Finder window is to use the keyboard shortcuts, Command-up arrow which skips windows to view different windows as an integration with Spaces.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Your Every Need

11 01 2008

It’s raining keyboard shortcuts, provides a useful and well one of their articles happened to be keyboard shortcuts, the link below includes over 200 keyboard shortcuts to satisfy every taste: 

Web Clips in Dashboard

17 12 2007

picture-5.pngAdd a Web Clip to Dashboard To add a Web Clip to Dashboard go to File and then scroll and click on Open in Dashboardpicture-7.pngand select the object on the webpage you would like to select, your screen should look like this picture-12.pngYou can even add  editing options once you are at your Dashboard object, just click the italic I with a circle around it to view options including change the view and sound options. PRETTY COOL, huh?picture-11.png Did you Know? You can even clip YouTube videos and watch them using one-click in Dashboard including other web objects!