Widgets on your Desktop

18 01 2008

If you are one of those people who hate the inconvenience of going to Dashboard every time you need some information… Then you may want to have your widgets on your Desktop at all times just open Terminal and enter the following code: defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES; killall Dock


Time Machine: Back Up Now

10 01 2008

Ever created a file and save it? Well, I have and you want Time Machine to immediately back up the file just simply plug in your external hard drive and right-click Time Machine icon and click Back Up Now. S -I-M-P-L-E!!!

Create your own Stack

18 12 2007

picture-13.png1. Create a new folder, Click on to your desktop2. File and click New Folderpicture-14.png 3. Rename it as your like, click on the New Folder on your Desktop and hit Enter, now type in your new name and click enter when done.4. Drag the folder onto the far right side of your dock past the dock seperator and then you may program your preferences as you like whether it displays as a fan or grid. If there are more than enough files that is able to display as a fan then it will automatically turn into a Grid.