Show only one window

27 01 2008

Hold the option key while selection an application in the dock, and all other windows will be hidden automatically, it may not always work with Finder windows.


Finder title bar trick

19 01 2008

Did you know that you can click and drag the little folder icon in a Finder window’s title bar to copy/move the folder to another location? A secondary click on the title or the folder icon brings up a context menu listing the parent folders of the currently selected folder.

Widgets on your Desktop

18 01 2008

If you are one of those people who hate the inconvenience of going to Dashboard every time you need some information… Then you may want to have your widgets on your Desktop at all times just open Terminal and enter the following code: defaults write devmode YES; killall Dock

Hide Dock

15 01 2008

Option-Command-D hides the dock and whenever you mouse over at the bottom of the screen it appears again.

Empty Finder Window

14 01 2008

The quickest way to get to an empty desktop or Finder window is to use the keyboard shortcuts, Command-up arrow which skips windows to view different windows as an integration with Spaces.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Your Every Need

11 01 2008

It’s raining keyboard shortcuts, provides a useful and well one of their articles happened to be keyboard shortcuts, the link below includes over 200 keyboard shortcuts to satisfy every taste: 

Time Machine: Back Up Now

10 01 2008

Ever created a file and save it? Well, I have and you want Time Machine to immediately back up the file just simply plug in your external hard drive and right-click Time Machine icon and click Back Up Now. S -I-M-P-L-E!!!