3 01 2008

picture-3.pngIncluded with Mac OS X is an Oxford English Dictionary which if you browse Finder through your Applications folder you may just find it. But if you are browsing in Safari and come across a word that you need the definition for just use the shortcut Ctrl-Command-D while mousing over the word. A dialog box appears highlighting the word with the definition below. The trick only works in specific applications.



2 01 2008

Ready to print a file with no optional preferences? Just hit Command-P and then Enter and be ready for your file to print immediately.

Finding Wireless Hotspots in Your Area

16 12 2007

picture-4.pngIf you do not have a wireless router, no problem! Visit http://www.jiwire.com and scroll to the box looking like this:Search hotspots anywhere in the world

Find Router Details

16 12 2007

picture-4.pngIf you control-click on the airport icon on the top menu bar you will find that the wireless device connected to the computer shows useful information about your router. If there are multiple networks in your area you can mouse-over one of the devices and then a small yellow appears to the right of it and displays 2 options.Finding Router Details