Keyboard Shortcuts For Your Every Need

11 01 2008

It’s raining keyboard shortcuts, provides a useful and well one of their articles happened to be keyboard shortcuts, the link below includes over 200 keyboard shortcuts to satisfy every taste: 


Time Machine: Back Up Now

10 01 2008

Ever created a file and save it? Well, I have and you want Time Machine to immediately back up the file just simply plug in your external hard drive and right-click Time Machine icon and click Back Up Now. S -I-M-P-L-E!!!

Safari Surfing Trick

9 01 2008

Have you ever been in such a hurry to get to the bottom of the page or top but can’t find a Back to Top link. Well, now every webpage you visit using Safari has one, sort of. Hit Command and up arrow to go up and down to scroll down. Easy as pie!

File Renaming in Finder

7 01 2008

In previous versions of Mac OS X when you renamed a file it would delete the file extension then you may have forgotten by then what it WAS but Leopard makes it smart and easy, just click on the file and hit enter and you can type in the new name. picture-6.png

Force Quit

4 01 2008

Have you ever experience applications not responsing well here is a shortcut to Force Quit. Just hit Command-Option-Escape and select which programs are not responding.

December 2007 Archive

31 12 2007

Hey everyone, I am pleased to announce the first monthly edition of Leopard Tips archive. All the articles you find on our homepage every day have been compressed and edited into PDF format which allows easy reading and printable view. Here it is: (click this link >  LEOPARD TIPS December 2007 Archive