Finder title bar trick

19 01 2008

Did you know that you can click and drag the little folder icon in a Finder window’s title bar to copy/move the folder to another location? A secondary click on the title or the folder icon brings up a context menu listing the parent folders of the currently selected folder.


Hide Dock

15 01 2008

Option-Command-D hides the dock and whenever you mouse over at the bottom of the screen it appears again.

Super Zoom in Leopard

25 12 2007

picture-23.png I was exploring and tampering with my keyboard and found like the coolest amazing trick ever. You need an external mouse with a trackball or what I call a scroll wheel. Hold the Ctrl key down while you scroll up with your trackball to zoom in. You are still able to activate and control clicks and everything in super zoom. You feel like you are inside a new world. Scroll down with the trackball until you are at your normal screen.  Merry XMAS! -Lane 

Spaces Revealed!

19 12 2007

picture-15.pngKeyboard Shortcut to SpacesTo visit Spaces using your Macintosh running the latest version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard just hit the F8 key on your Mac. You can edit Spaces Preferences by going into System Preferences and then hit the Expose & Spaces icon and then click the tab button that says Spaces, make sure you check the Enable Spaces box to use Spaces.