Safari Surfing Trick

9 01 2008

Have you ever been in such a hurry to get to the bottom of the page or top but can’t find a Back to Top link. Well, now every webpage you visit using Safari has one, sort of. Hit Command and up arrow to go up and down to scroll down. Easy as pie!


Safari “Reopen All Windows From Last Session”

8 01 2008

It doesn’t get simpler than this. If Safari seems to crash or by accident you exit Safari just go to History in the menu bar and click Reopen All Windows From Last Session or if you prefer Reopen Last Closed Window.


2 01 2008

Ready to print a file with no optional preferences? Just hit Command-P and then Enter and be ready for your file to print immediately.


1 01 2008

To ease your tabbing  uses in Safari you can use the Shortcut, Command-D to easily bookmark a favorite webpage.


Emailing Web Pages

30 12 2007

This isn’t a Leopard Tip but applies for Tiger, too. So, listen up! If you come across a web page in SAFARI that you want to share with a friend, don’t send a link send the entire webpage for easy access. Just press Command-I and a dialog will appear, just enter the recipient’s email address along with your subject and text and click Send. The complete webpage sends in an email format (complete with graphics, fonts, link, e.t.c.) EASY! 

Increase Text Size on Safari

24 12 2007

picture-17.pngTo increase text size in Safari or in most web browsers just hit Command +. That’s the Apple key and the + key at the same time and keep hitting those two keys until it’s adjusted at your size, to decrease the text size hit Command -. That’s the Apple key and the minus key.