Easy Volume Control

29 01 2008

By default, pressing the F4 and F5 keys will make a click sound for each keypress that moves volume down or up, respectively. But holding down the shift key while pressing F4 or F5 suppresses the click. (You can also turn it off permanently in System Preferences, Sound, Sound Effects. By the way, you can also open Sound Preferences panel directly with Option-F5.)


Trouble running applications?

26 12 2007

picture-4.pngI was confused and yet troubled to why iPhoto was not responding and co-operating and while tampering with preferences and after a bit of agrivation, called Apple who said to go to Finder/Macintosh HD/Preferences/com.apple.iPhoto.plist and drag that file to the desktop and then try opening iPhoto. Guess what? It worked beautifully and no trouble any more, Thanks to Apple! Try it yourself… 

I hate kernel-panics…

26 12 2007

picture-4.pngHave any of you ever received any similar error messages like this? 2007-04-09_osx_kernel_panic.pngThis has happened to me numberous times, probably about 4 or 5. From what I hear they are called kernel-panics. Rumors report that this is because of airport issues which may have an interference with Software Updates because Apple connected Software Update with Apple’s online software update downloads page available at http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/ to view some of Apple’s new software update releases. I just learned that this very minute. I was running the current version of Leopard, 10.5.1 and just installed the MacBook Firmware Update and after re-booting a screen shown in the picture above appeared fading any activity on the screen, You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button. I experienced black-screen issues forcing my computer an erase of my hard-drive. I currently own and owned a Western Digital 160 GB external hard drive for my MacBook which the latest backup was on 11/11 a week ago. My disapointment was that I had created some extremely important files including new pictures and music. But it was too late, I was into my erase process of the hard drive @ The Apple Store. When I got home I had to take my Mac OS  X Install DVD 1 which traveled with my computer in the factory and do that which was installing Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger which at the time I bought my computer was the latest version which this took about 1 and a half hours. Now I have to download 20 Software Updates (3 h)  and then I have to install Leopard (1 h 10 min.) Once I am running OS X 10.5 I have to download and install all of my software programs again taking a good 2 hours including photo programs, iLife ’08 the latest photo, movie, music, DVD software bundle, Microsoft Word 2004, The Print Shop 2 and more (4 h) and then the longest part, restoring files (photos, movies, documents, emails and music) (5 h). This was a pretty serious job and re-run causing much trouble for my computer and I. WHEW!    Share your computer troubles with us by visiting Contact Us page, we may even post them on this very website! email-grey.gif

New icon?

24 12 2007

picture-17.pngIf you just started using Leopard on your Mac, you must be stuck in the mud trying to find System Preferences.    Well, this may give you an OS X hint, Apple changed their System Preferences icon in Leopard to this:picture-19.png 

Spaces Revealed!

19 12 2007

picture-15.pngKeyboard Shortcut to SpacesTo visit Spaces using your Macintosh running the latest version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard just hit the F8 key on your Mac. You can edit Spaces Preferences by going into System Preferences and then hit the Expose & Spaces icon and then click the tab button that says Spaces, make sure you check the Enable Spaces box to use Spaces.