Saving Documents as PDFs

31 12 2007

Adobe’s PDF format allows great ways of formatting, communication and ability to send letters and electronic documents. But there really is an easy way to transfer documents using Microsoft Word and TextEdit including other word processors to PDF format. Simply hit Command-P as you would go to Print but click the PDF dropdown menu instead of printing and then click the option, Save as PDF… and a dialog windows opens, enter the name of the document including Author, Keywords and Subject and be sure to save the file in the right place you may then search for the file in Finder or Spotlight, your choice and ta-da you have created a PDF file!


Increase Text Size on Safari

24 12 2007

picture-17.pngTo increase text size in Safari or in most web browsers just hit Command +. That’s the Apple key and the + key at the same time and keep hitting those two keys until it’s adjusted at your size, to decrease the text size hit Command -. That’s the Apple key and the minus key.