Safari > Back Button

5 01 2008

To go back in Safari while surfing the web just simply use the shortcut picture-4.png


2 01 2008


Selecting Items

29 12 2007
picture-6.png key will give you the effect of toggling; It means that you can change the select/deselect status of certain items.

When keystrokes A is pressed, all items will be highlighted. It’s powerful, isn’t it? And one more thing, with this keystrokes, all highlighted items won’t be marked as Read, they will stay in their current condition. It’s all about using  key.

Happy Holidays!

25 12 2007


New icon?

24 12 2007

picture-17.pngIf you just started using Leopard on your Mac, you must be stuck in the mud trying to find System Preferences.    Well, this may give you an OS X hint, Apple changed their System Preferences icon in Leopard to this:picture-19.png 

Increase Text Size on Safari

24 12 2007

picture-17.pngTo increase text size in Safari or in most web browsers just hit Command +. That’s the Apple key and the + key at the same time and keep hitting those two keys until it’s adjusted at your size, to decrease the text size hit Command -. That’s the Apple key and the minus key. 

Spaces Revealed!

19 12 2007

picture-15.pngKeyboard Shortcut to SpacesTo visit Spaces using your Macintosh running the latest version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard just hit the F8 key on your Mac. You can edit Spaces Preferences by going into System Preferences and then hit the Expose & Spaces icon and then click the tab button that says Spaces, make sure you check the Enable Spaces box to use Spaces.